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XviD 1.1.0 settings

If you have no clue how to adjust XviD, these suggested settings should be a good start. First of all i'd like to warn against some...

Common pitfalls

  1. Remember that if you're encoding something interlaced, like stuff from a video camera, you must deinterlace the video before encoding.
  2. If you are converting from one format into another, be careful to disable audio compression (dynamic range reduction) as this is something the output device is supposed to apply if needed.
  3. Do not use VBR audio for .avi files as this will produce unstable playback on some systems. Stay with CBR mode. The difference in quality isn't that big anyway.


I recommend using either AC3 if you want surround or Lame MP3 if the material is stereo or mono.


Main encoder settings:


Profile and compatibility.
Notice that Profile should be "unrestricted" for resolutions higher than 720 x 576.

If you want your files to work with hardware devices, you should disable Quarter Pixel and Global Motion Compensation.


Motion search:


Trellis encoding makes little or no difference in both encoding time and quality. I tested this and found only a 0.15 dB improvement (which is almost nothing.)




Decoder defaults.
These will usually be over-written by the playback device.


Technican notes: These settings will typically give you a PSNR (signal to noise ratio) of 38 dB compared to the original material.

Settings for XviD 1.0.3 (obsolete)

Settings for XviD 1.1.3 Near Lossless Quality

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