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Joachim's Amiga page

My own software for amiga and some other stuff.

All my amiga utilities.

PixelMove24 demos
PixelColor24 demos
These are some of the utilities you can find in the above software package. PixelMove24 and PixelColor24 work like filter factory, but with antialiasing, floating point, and generally it has less bugs.

Noise removal
A study on how to remove noise from a bad camera. Amiga software included. (Danish)

ImageFX dithering
Not my own software. I just wanted to show how incredible ImageFX is at color reduction. Hardcore respect to the ImageFX dev. team.

Forgotten Amiga Technologies
Well at least some of them are. Here I'll try to explain what they are.

A music tracker for the Amiga.

"Whoops! I did it again"

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