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Burn your flags or they will burn you!

This website is of a very mixed and confusing nature and some of the pages are more of a personal notebook than it should be. If you do manage to find something useful in here i'm pleased though.

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09-Oct-2020 21:00


02-Jun-2020 18:43


A japanese sci-fi country western? Why not! It starts out silly, but gets more serious towards the end. Quite good entertainment.
20-Apr-2020 09:41

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Lots of action and cruelty. Episode 16 was downright unpleasant. But the fight scenes are epic and the animation is good. Judging by the first two episodes, this series appears to tell the same story as the original fate/stay night series, but the pacing feels much better.
27-Mar-2020 20:19

Tenki no Ko (Weathering With You)

Makoto Shinkai, who studied literature in the university, have previously made several works that felt like a praise of the 1800s romanticism style/era, which some perceive as cheesy. But this time he seems to draw inspiration from a more recent style known as magic realism - a style we've also seen in the "Beyond" part of the Animatrix. And it's working out brilliantly.

The movie is also a giuded tour through a lot of the most notable locations in Tokyo, so anyone who's been there will probably feel quite nostalgic watching this. They're all there... Shinjuku, the big crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo Tower with the Yokohama ferris wheel in the background etc.

It's obvious to see the hint to Earth's climate change in this movie, but I think the analogy is meant to go even further, being a message about the hope of humanity in any crisis, not just the climate change. This became a bit more obvious having watched this during the corona virus outbreak.

And the message felt quite uplifting despite all the things that go wrong. I wonder if this message of faith might come from the Shinto religion of Japan? I generally felt there was a strong undercurrent of shinto magic in this movie.

Generally there are lots of little details depicting distinctly unique traits of the Japanese culture, such as the way the main character's countryside manners and way of speaking vs. the city people's more informal attitude.

Oh, and the artwork is stunning, and the music fits in so well. It's a must-see.
20-Mar-2020 21:56

Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

Best action animation in years! The battles are truly magificent, and so is the fan service. This was the first thing in the "Fate" franchise I've ever watched, and perhaps being the first encounter with all this was what made it interesting, but I was well entertained.
31-Jan-2020 15:17


A crime story of about a private investigator and his various clashes with the police force and other government agencies during a streak of mysterious murder cases in the Japanese media world, but with a bit of occultism added to the mix. All in a slightly sci-fi setting. It's quite hard to explain, and I have a feeling someone will hate the slightly NGE-like ending. (I loved it though.)
11-Jan-2020 20:58

Vinland Saga

An anime about vikings. What's not to like? And it does indeed feel pretty genuine even to someone from viking country. The series spends quite a lot of episodes building up the characters, perhaps a bit too much time, and I think it only really picks up pace in the last few episodes. The setting is pretty cool though, and the japanese understand what makes a good sword fight. Even though the ending was great, I do anticipate a season 2.

Joachim - Neptune

Added spectral boost and phase randomizer parameters. Better FFT windowing. Less stack abuse. Underwater filter: This one sounds like you are under water. The Neptune filter is a spectral manipulation filter that can isolate either tonal audio using the Spec.Clean slider, OR isolate non-tonal audio using the Spec.Dist slider. It also has a weird middle-tone-only pitch shifter that also seems to add a little reverb. FFT warning: This plugin uses CPU in short spikes which may cause trouble if you are using low-latency outputs such as ASIO out. Using WaveOut or sticking to small FFT sizes will solve clicking/stuttering problems. More...
08-Nov-2019 21:00 - 09-Nov-2019

Minyo Crusaders @GlobalCph

Minyo Crusaders rework traditional Japanese folk songs (minyo) with Latin, African and Caribbean rhythms to create some of the most infectious music between South America and Japan. The punchy and inventive arrangements of this ten-piece big band breathe new life into these traditional working-class folk songs. Their debut album "Echoes of Japan" is set for a worldwide release in April 2019 but the band have already made waves across the globe picking up fans such as Ry Cooder who described them as "the best band I have heard in many years". More...
19-Oct-2019 21:47

Machikado Mazoku

Two magical girls find out they belong to two opposing magic clans, and are thus enemies. They don't end up fighting in a very fierce way though, as the whole thing operates on a sort of school girl level of seriousness.

This anime tries to build up a set of characters, has magic and what not. But it just never really catches the viewer and is simply too silly all the way through. It lacks gravity and engagement.

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