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Robot Planet

Burn your flags or they will burn you!

This website is of a very mixed and confusing nature and some of the pages are more of a personal notebook than it should be. If you do manage to find something useful in here i'm pleased though.

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Past events:

05-May-2021 12:00 - 05-May-2021 12:06


Så hyler de igen. Det er måske værd at optage lyden af. More...
21-Apr-2021 20:00


26-Mar-2021 22:15

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

The main character is kind of interesting and likable, but also a bit of a cliché. And the first 11 episodes felt too much like a typical "monster of the week" thing while leveling up in a game. So I've left it for now.
09-Mar-2021 19:29


I feel this anime might be an attempt at doing a feel-good version Neon Genesis Evangelion in the style of magic realism, and from time to time it almost works, especially the last two episodes. But most of the time it just feels like a generic highschool anime.
25-Dec-2020 16:28

Boogiepop wa Warawanai

Obviously a sequel to the original Boogiepop Phantom series which had some ground breaking sound effects and sound track work, this anime is not as stylistically impressive and also not quite as gloomy.

However the animation quality of the last episode is superb, and the general story-telling feels a bit more coherent, while still leaving us wonderfully puzzled about what actuelly happened. Is this a sci-fi mind experiment or simply someone's imagination gone too far? Like most things with a death god in it, it's certainly worth watching, and if there's another sequel coming, I will watch it.
12-Nov-2020 22:24

Happy Sugar Life

This anime felt like cute overload to begin with, but gradually started getting more and more twisted and sinister, and eventually ended up having some psychological thriller moments that were quite impressive.
03-Nov-2020 10:00

Priority WatchDog - automatic priority control

Many applications for Windows forget to set their priorities correctly, causing background render jobs to slow down the responsiveness of foreground tasks.

By using the handy "Auto" setting, this systray application offers a way to automatically lower the priority of any program that's been using a lot of CPU for a long time. Once the program stops using a lot of CPU, Priority Watchdog will raise its priority back to normal. More...
01-Nov-2020 11:43

WDE - EnvBlock

Automation curve editor for Buzz. This allows automation of both buzz generators, effects and VST plug-ins. Requires Modern Sequencer to work. More...

WDE - ModernSeq

First version made available to this site. Stability and functionality verified. Modernized sequence editor that appears in a separate window, which may be quite useful for people using two monitors. Combined with EnvBlock, this allows drawing automation curves for generators and effects, both Buzz and VST. More...
31-Jul-2020 17:53

IX - Magic

* Added x64 version * Prevent (hopefully) possible multithreading file corruption * Added new note-cut modes for Peer/MIDI Note Events (see documentation) * Added version info to Help menu * Updated docs * Machine version 1.14, file version 11 A peer/MIDI event sequencer, whatever that is. It's good, go with it. Feed it notes to make cool stuff happen. In the main dialog you can define Pages, Sequences, Steps and Events and what not. Each "page" is the top level object which contains "sequences". By changing the active "page" you can trigger exciting Page Load Events. You can define multiple pages but only one can be active at a time. Each "sequence" is a collection of "steps". More...

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