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Browser Audio Format Support

On this html 5 page you can test what audio formats your browser supports. Some of the files are in the same format but with different mime types, because I've seen different mime types being recommended.


File nameMime typeHtml5 player


File nameMime typeHtml5 player
32 kbit/sec, monoaudio/mp3
32 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/mp3
48 kbit/sec, monoaudio/mp3
48 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/mp3
192 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/mp3


File nameMime typeHtml5 player
32 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/mp4
48 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/mp4
192 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/mp4

OGG Vorbis

File nameMime typeHtml5 player
32 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/ogg
48 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/ogg
192 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/ogg


File nameMime typeHtml5 player
32 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/opus
48 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/opus
192 kbit/sec, stereoaudio/opus

Status as of December 2012:

Win7: IE 9, 64-bityesnonono
Win7: Firefox 16nonoyesno
Win7: Firefox 17nonoyesno
Win7: Chrome 22yesyesyesno
Win7: Opera 12.11nonoyesno
iPhone 5: Safariyesyesnono

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