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BPG image format

This format might very well be the replacement for JPEG. Here's a crude demo of various combinations of settings to show how small these files can get and still look accepable. Currently browser do not support this format, so a javascript decoder must be used. Hopefully this will change in the future. You can also download the original image.

Seems really cool, doesn't it? Sadly you can probably forget about this format because of the many software patents being in the way.

Image 001: qual5 f444 12bit.bpg (173 kb)

Image 015: qual40 f420 12bit.bpg (4 kb)

Image 011: qual20 f420 12bit.bpg (41 kb)

Image 008: qual10 f420 8bit.bpg (92 kb)

Image 012: qual20 f420 8bit.bpg (41 kb)

Image 013: qual40 f444 12bit.bpg (5 kb)

Image 006: qual10 f444 8bit.bpg (128 kb)

Image 003: qual5 f420 12bit.bpg (120 kb)

Image 007: qual10 f420 12bit.bpg (87 kb)

Image 014: qual40 f444 8bit.bpg (5 kb)

Image 004: qual5 f420 8bit.bpg (140 kb)

Image 005: qual10 f444 12bit.bpg (117 kb)

Image 002: qual5 f444 8bit.bpg (219 kb)

Image 016: qual40 f420 8bit.bpg (4 kb)

Image 009: qual20 f444 12bit.bpg (50 kb)

Image 010: qual20 f444 8bit.bpg (51 kb)

For more information about this format, please refer to Fabrice Bellard who invented this.

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