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Parameter combination tool

If you need to create all combinations of settings using a certain tool, this tool can help you build command lines for all those combinations. You just have to supply a list of all parameters and their respective values you wish to test.

Beginning of each line
(a ## will be replaced by a number and comments):

List of parameter combinations:
Put one combination per line, seperate options using //
Optionally supply filename comments like this: (your comment)

End of each line:
(a ## will be replaced by a number and comments):

Number of tests:  (optional, enables random order)
This is a good way to reduce the number of results if the number of combinations get unpractically high:


Lame mp3 encoder test:

lame -h
--resample 11025 (11khz) // --resample 22050 (22khz) // --resample 44100 (44khz)
-b 32 (32kbit) // -b 128 (128kbit) // -b 320 (320kbit) // --vbr-new -V 7 (vbr)
-a (mono) // -ms (2channel) // -mf (MS stereo)
"input.wav" "##.mp3"

x264 encoder test:

-A all partitions // -A none
-m 1 --mixed-refs 0 --no-chroma-me // -m 7 --b-rdo --mixed-refs 1 --bime -8 (adv)
--direct none // --direct auto (dir)
-cqm flat // -cqm jvt (jvt)
-t 0 // -t 2 (trell)
-qp 2 -qpmin 0 -qpmax 10 (high) // -qp 25 (mid) // -qp 45 -qpmin 20 -qpmax 55 (low)
-o "##.mkv" "input.avs"

Cjpeg encoder test:

djpeg -dct float <../input.jpg | cjpeg
-quality 0 (low) // -quality 71 (mid) // -quality 100 (high)
-greyscale (grey) //
-optimize (opt) //
-progressive (prog) //
-dct fast (fast) // -dct float (good)
-baseline (bline) //

JpegTran feature test:

-transpose (transp) // -transverse (transv) // -rotate 90 (rot90) // -rotate 180 (rot180) // -flip horizontal (flip)
-greyscale (grey) //
-trim (trim) //
-optimize (opt) //
-progressive (prog) //
-outfile "##.jpg" input.jpg

neroAacEnc feature test:

-q 0.0 (000pct) // -q 0.5 (050pct) // -1 1.0 (100pct) // -br 8000 (08kbit) // -br 16000 (16kbit) // -br 24000 (24kbit) // -br 32000 (32kbit) // -br 64000 (64kbit)
-if input.wav -of "##.3gp"

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