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Random Color Scheme Builder

This page will generate an svg image with random shapes. Their colors and sizes are based on the input colors you provide.

The idea is to explore variations over a known good set of colors, and use this as a starting-point for the computer to invent something new but (hopefully) equally pleasing


Orange and blue
FF8000 101820 7090C0

901000 000000 606060

Classic japanese

Alternative japanese
B066B0 5F93A9 FE8DB3 FFA08C FEB942 AACF59 50BC8F FFFFFF FAB167

Arty-farty scandinavian
8090B0 A0B0E0 700010 F0F0ED

Let's begin...

Type in some colors and set up the randomization here:

Colors in HTML format seperated by spaces
Hue randomization
Saturation randomization
Brightness randomization

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