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TB4005 VST Synthesizer

This is a new version of the classic Buzz plugin called Arguelles TB4004. The code is written all from scratch by JoaCHIP. The goal was to:
  • Maintain the same simple controls as the TB4004
  • Get rid of the crash bug and the samplerate bug in the original plugin
  • Improve the sound quality by using a state-of-the-art lowpass filter
  • Make a synth that behaves much more like an old analog synthesizer

Many synths drown the user in excessive amounts of controls, overly technical choices and complicated interfaces. The beauty of the original TB4004 was that it only offered the nine most important parameters, thus giving you a very quick way to "get there".

Great respect must go to the late Arguelles for the original design and concept. This plugin is here to honor his memory. Without his work, we would not have made the progress we have today.

The naming of the parameters is somewhat odd, but i kept most of it because this is basically a clone. This is also why i will not add more parameters even if requsted. The MIDI commands in VST does give you some extra features over the original:

MIDI commands

  • Midi controller 5: Portamento time
  • Midi controller 1: Mod wheel does vibrato
  • Midi controller 64 (0x40): The sustain pedal acts as a handy randomizer.
  • Pitch bend: Bends two semitones up or down.


What the GUI looks like depends on the host application. TB4005 looks like this in FL Studio.



TB4005.dll (32-bit, updated 29-Apr-2018) - the plugin itself. Put this in your VST directory.

TB4005.dll (64-bit, updated 29-Apr-2018) - the plugin itself. Put this in your VST directory.

Demos contributed by different people:

  1. TB4005-demo1.mp3 (1813 KB)
  2. TB4005-demo2.mp3 (3157 KB)
  3. TB4005-demo3.mp3 (3051 KB)
  4. TB4005-demo4.mp3 (1492 KB)
  5. TB4005-demo5.mp3 (2738 KB)
  6. TB4005-demo6.mp3 (3388 KB)
  7. TB4005-demo7.mp3 (2415 KB)
  8. TB4005-pwm-saw1.mp3 (516 KB)
  9. TB4005-pwm-saw2.mp3 (506 KB)
  10. TB4005-pwm-sine1.mp3 (515 KB)
  11. TB4005-pwm-sine2.mp3 (515 KB)
  12. TB4005-pwm-sqr.mp3 (516 KB)
  13. TB4005-pwm-tri.mp3 (516 KB)
  14. douala.mp3 (2478 KB)
  15. miami_gei_erotique.mp3 (799 KB)
  16. noisy303.mp3 (323 KB)
  17. rough.mp3 (424 KB)
  18. tb4005.rar (96 KB)
  19. yo_a_kims_plug_inn_rendered.mp3 (2403 KB)

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