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Generate MIDI groove pattern

Use this simple tool to construct a midi bar containing 4 bars of the rhythm pattern you select. The resulting midi files should be easy to turn into a groove pattern template in typical DAWs like Logic or StudioOne.

Once you've created such a groove pattern, simply make sure everything in your song is quantized to this pattern. But don't mix! If you use one of these patterns, all your instruments must follow that same pattern.

Name / descriptionRatiosConstruction / actual pattern
West African triplets I3:3:4Generate MIDIShow in a tracker
West African triplets II4:3:3Generate MIDIShow in a tracker
Chad/Sudan baggara4:2:3:3Generate MIDIShow in a tracker
Basic samba4:4:4:5Generate MIDIShow in a tracker
Cumbia I5:3:4Generate MIDIShow in a tracker
Cumbia II4:2:3Generate MIDIShow in a tracker
India shuffle3:2Generate MIDIShow in a tracker

See also this page which shows how such non-western world rhythms can be analyzed.

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