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dB / amplitude factor volume conversion

Conversion from dB to amplitude factor:
Conversion from amplitude factor to dB:

A volume knob / fader example:

Fader positiondB gainAmplitude factor
100+10.0 dB3.162 x
95+8.7 dB2.711 x
90+7.3 dB2.305 x
85+5.8 dB1.942 x
80+4.2 dB1.619 x
75+2.5 dB1.334 x
70+0.7 dB1.085 x
65-1.2 dB0.868 x
60-3.3 dB0.683 x
55-5.6 dB0.526 x
50-8.1 dB0.395 x
45-10.8 dB0.288 x
40-13.9 dB0.202 x
35-17.4 dB0.136 x
30-21.4 dB0.085 x
25-26.1 dB0.049 x
20-31.9 dB0.025 x
15-39.4 dB0.011 x
10-50.0 dB0.003 x
05-68.1 dB0.000 x
00-inf dB(no sound)

LibreOffice Calc / MS Excel

To make call B1 show the dB value of the factor entered in cell A1, place this formula in cell B1:

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