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Venus (Buzz audio plug-in)

screenshot This effect gives you control over the stereo perspective and adds variation and life to the signal, offering phasing, chorus, an equalizer and randomly moving EQs.

Venus offers an easy to way add and control the stereo image of an instrument or the entire mix.

Pre stereo: This is a stereo spreader. At 0 you have mono, at 100% the signal is untouched. At more than 100% the amount of stereo will increase. Original
Phaser speed: The "Phaser" as i call it, is a set of moving EQs that when boosting in one side, they cut in the other side, to get maximum stereo effect. Phaser
Phaser amount: This is the mix amount of the phaser. At 0.0 dB it is disabled.
Chorus depth: Detuning amount of the chorus. At very low values, you can get stranger-like effects. Normal chorusing at anything from 30 to 100, and above that you can get strange horror-like detuning effects. You can also achieve some reverb-like effects using this chorus. Chorus
Chorus amount: Dry - wet mix between original and chorused signal. The somewhat CPU intensitive chorus is disabled when Chorus amount is at "0".
EQ mono treble / mid / bass: This is a normal simple 3-band equalizer. I thought this was convenient to have.
EQ stereo treble / mid / bass: These three sliders adjust how much stereo is present at high, mid and low frequencies. Example boosting amount of stereo in the treble
Randomizer amount: The randomizer is a strange EQ that gradually boosts different frequencies at a random position in the stereo perspective. The Randomizer is disabled when set to 0.0 dB. Boost
Randomizer speed: How fast the randomizer works.
Stereo limiter: A rather unique feature that makes sure that the stereo perspective is always below a certain amount. This means that if the incoming signal has a little stereo, nothing will be changed. But if the incoming signal has a lot of stereo, the Stereo limiter will make the stereo perspective more narrow and monoish. Typically you would turn up the "Pre stereo" a little, when using this effect, to compensate for the stereo lost by using this effect.
Technical explanation: The signal is transformed into M-S stereo, and this is a compressor/limiter on the S part of the signal.
-20 dB stereo limit shows that even when enabling all stereo stuff, stereo is never "out of control", even in headphones.
1-4 Pan: Panning of four different frequency bands. Panning
1-4 Pan: Frequency of these four different frequency bands.
Bandwidth: Bandwidth of the four different frequency bands.
PanLFO amp: How much to automatically pan the four frequency bands back and forth at slightly different speed. Freq.panning 1
Freq.panning 2
PanLFO spd: Even though the four frequency bands are autopanned at different speeds, you can adjust the over-all speed of them all using this parameter.
Panning: A normal panning thingie. Panning

You can always download the latest version on www.buzzmachines.com.

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