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The Voice of Allan Jamisen

aka. Aron Jones

Allan Jamisen (artist name) is a vocalist with exceptional versatility.

As a singer/songwriter, he has worked with producers such as Danny Saber (The Rolling Stones, Black Grape, Alice Cooper, Charlatans UK, Michael Hutchence, Joe Strummer, and others), and John X Volaitis (The Rolling Stones, Whitesnake, Black Grape, Tracy Chapman, and many others).

In Denmark, he has collaborated with former Mega Records (Ace of Base, Laid Back) executive Claes Cornelius, Melodi Grand Prix winning composers Andreas Mørck and Jakob Launbjerg, Frederik Birkit-Smith of critically acclaimed DJ collective OHOI, and composer/producer Joachim Michaelis.

He has written text for voice-over production, as well as press releases, and is the exclusive English language voice-over artist for 2am Productions.

Allan is also an experienced new media veteran, specializing in creating, proofreading, and revising English text for web sites.

CV and references are available upon request.



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