Word wrap test

Try resizing the browser window and observe how the menu items below wrap around. This was an attempt to provoke wrong browser behavior, but ended up working perfectly and almost looking a bit cool, so I kept it here for inspiration.

Karl Emerson Masanao Clarissa Marlena Rand Tom Page Greg Claudio King Darci Vivek Louise Giovanni Penny Martin Anita Dorian Ranjit Shaw Agatha Brian Chuck Leads Wendi Sharon Naren Shahid Patrice Julian Matti Bret Vincent Piotr Socorrito Siping Diana Patty Bradford Mary Mawa
Renu Martyn
Gregg Ben
1up 1up Billy William Lucius Raman Simon Wolfgang Nhan Johnnie Spudboy Linder Kirk Merrill Romain Sehyo Isabelle Roland Oliver Sjouke Jennifer Miriamne Anderson Duke Kayvan Isaac Joachim Jefferson Steen Maria Alejandro Pratapwant Rudolph Ramsey Giles Edith Ginny Tollefsen Roxane Jinchao Jock Toufic Svante Donal Cynthia Marcel Niels Stephen Konrad Emma Randal Arnold Last Man Standing

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