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Burn your flags or they will burn you!

This website is of a very mixed and confusing nature and some of the pages are more of a personal notebook than it should be. If you do manage to find something useful in here i'm pleased though.

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Past events:

09-Feb-2019 20:00 - 09-Feb-2019 22:00

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Sekondi Band

Born in the city of Sekondi-Takoradi in the western region of Ghana, West Africa, now legendary Gyedu-Blay Ambolley exploded on the music scene in 1973 with a jazzy, funky and soulful highlife sound called "SIMIGWA-DO." Today the versatile, irrepressible singer, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and "musical-life-force" has 30 music albums to his credit, including his new album "KETAN" (Agogo Records, 2017). Don’t miss Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and his outstanding Sekondi Band when they make their first European appearances ever. AliceCph is a part of Vinterjazz 2019. More...
09-Feb-2019 20:00 - 09-Feb-2019 23:00

AlienHand reception

IDM, Synth scapes and AlienHand's release party at Lygten Station, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Doors open at 8pm. More...
02-Feb-2019 20:00


Is #Japan really like what we see in #anime? Well, a friend of mine living in Tokyo signed up for something he describes as "generic martial arts & rhythm", and the lessons are called "Fight Attack Beat". - If I ever start a j-pop band, that's gonna be the band name! More...
04-Jan-2019 12:06

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: amiga battery, gear, equipment, instruments

02-Jan-2019 13:35

New picture

Image tags: train accident in denmark, random stuff

08-Dec-2018 13:46

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: golden tree, copenhagen, fall, autumn, session540

01-Dec-2018 20:57

New picture

Image tags: norway, Norway, places

01-Dec-2018 14:32

New picture

Image tags: borg, logo, animanga.dk

24-Nov-2018 16:16

Made in Abyss (season 1)

A strange adventure anime that may seem like a children's show at first, but turns out to be a fair bit more dark than what you'd show to kids. The theme of diving into a deep hole, descending to another world reminds me of Sakasama Patema. One of the the two main characters also makes me think of A Tree of Palme. Highly recommended show. I can't wait for season 2 to be made.
15-Nov-2018 18:39

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: focal be6 twin, speaker, noise hack, radiation block, Focal Twin6 Be, gear, equipment, instruments


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