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Burn your flags or they will burn you!

This website is of a very mixed and confusing nature and some of the pages are more of a personal notebook than it should be. If you do manage to find something useful in here i'm pleased though.

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Past events:

17-Mar-2018 21:00 - 17-Mar-2018 23:00

Claus Poulsen & Sortsyn @ Krudttønden

CLAUS POULSEN + SORTSYN (ambient / noise)
Lørdag 17 marts, 21:00, Entré 40 kr More...
09-Mar-2018 19:02

New picture

Image tags: miku no hi, headphones, fan art, anime

08-Mar-2018 20:41

Kino's Journey (season 2)

The story continues, and it doesn't dissapoint. The second season of this peculiar show keeps the same unusual, quiet, and slightly magic mood going. The soundtrack is quite interesting and seems worth acquiring.
03-Mar-2018 21:38

New picture

Image tags: frustrated face 02, lost space alien, web pages

03-Mar-2018 15:48

New picture

Image tags: shokku, lost space alien, web pages

03-Mar-2018 15:00


Did you know that, in the time between two frames of a movie in the cinema, the light from a laser gun can travel a distance corresponding to the diameter of the earth? #FactsMatter #scifi More...
27-Feb-2018 23:26


27-Feb-2018 22:18

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

This TV series started in '92 and judging by the design and flow of the whole thing, it could have been even older. By today's standards, it feels quite oldfashioned with the excessive amounts of jingles and eye-catch animation sequences that are repeated in every episode. The characters are quite likable though, so if you really have a taste for retro things, you may be able to enjoy this one. It's quite fun after all, and it has a certain personality that modern anime often lacks.
27-Feb-2018 18:54

Plastic Memories

Tsukasa Mizugaki has failed his college entrance exams, but after pulling some strings, he manages to land a job at the Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation. While working there, he struggles to make a proper connection with his new colleague, who turns out to be a "giftia", not a normal person, even though she gradually starts behaving more and more like one, opening up to Tsukasa.

Even though the whole concept of "not entirely human" is certainly within the sci-fi realm, the whole story feels very down-to-earth, and focus is not on tech babble, but rather on character development, and the series pulls this off extremely well. It's quite touching without ever becoming too much.
26-Feb-2018 18:26

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: special gunpowder, green tea2, food, mad, misc


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