Horizontal websites have become an underground phenomenon. A horizontal website is a lot like your artsy younger sister who dresses weirdly and doesn't seem to acknowledge a world outside of her own imagination. Since horizontal websites are not universally embraced by the web design community, those who design in this genre must live with a hope that they are advancing design in some small way.   Horizontal designs are not for every type of website. It works superbly well with portfolios or photo galleries, but not so much with word-driven sites like blogs.   Horizontal designs are not for every type of audience. Grandparents can't handle it. Basically, anyone born before 1970 can't handle it. These designs are best suited for those looking to make their website an extension of their art. It also says a lot about your brand. If your brand is quirky, bold and mind bending, your audience will expect an equally expressive web design.   Also, you should of course never do it this way.