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Becky address book update tool

Select a mailbox file or an .idx file to upload

Mailbox file:


This tool is useful when you want to update your address book automatically.
Especially Becky users should enjoy this tool because it is the easiest way to enable auto-completion for email adresses.

  1. Press the Browse buttons above and locate your Becky mail directory. In there you should be able to find the file 3facf861.mb/!!!!Outbox/!!!Sent/Folder.idx. Notice that the "3facf861" is probably another number on your machine. Alternatively, you can also take your Sent Items / Outgoing mail box file from any other mail program like e.g. Eudora (which should be a text file.)

  2. Upload it to this page (it will not be logged or passed on to anyone else.)

  3. Then copy the contents into a text editor like Notepad, and save it.

  4. Then import this comma-separated file into your address book. The settings for importing are like this. Notice that the "E-mail address" field must be above the "Formatted Name" field for this to work.


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