over-optimistic label

The problem:

Whenever a program is working, the computer works so damn slowly. This is not just a problem for people working with 3D graphics, video editing or video compression. Most people will experience things lagging, once in a while.

The solution:

Priorities are the solution. But most normal computer users don't know how to operate them, and don't want to be bothered with messing with the taskmanager the whole time. This new utility dynamically analyses and adjusts the priorities of the running processes, to constantly optimize the performance and responsiveness of your computer.

But what will it do?

It will lower the priority of programs that appear to be constantly occupying the CPU. For example have 3D studio max rendering a lot of stuff, AutoPriority will lower the priority of 3D studio Max, but leave the priority of the rest of the applications at normal level.
This way the computer will know that stuff like browsers, text editors etc. should be executed at full speed. As soon as it's done opening windows or recieving keyboard input (which takes only fractions of a second), the 3D program continues at full speed in the background.

Doesn't it slow down my programs?

Not at all. When only one process is working, it will always work at pretty much the same speed, regardless of the priority it has. When two or more programs are working at once, the priorities just dictate whether the computer finishes the different tasks simultaneously or one at a time.


not ready yet...

Just one problem: i gotta find a programmer who actually knows how to make this.