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Multi-column example (CSS3)

Correct implementation

This CSS3 feature is not yet officially available, but I've googled around and found some various info on the subject, and here's what it results in. In this paragraph I'm using the correct way according to a document that W3C made, which is still work in progress. At some point in the future, this will hopefully go into the official standard, and when that happens your browser should be able to show this as three columns.

Browser specific implementation

Now these columns are made using Mozilla and Webkit specific attributes. These browsers have chosen to implement column support, perhaps because they feel the same way about it as I do: Being able to do columns is a quite important part of being able to create proper typography and layout on a page of text. I really think this feature should have been in the standard years ago.

Support status as of october 2010

BrowserSupports columns?
Firefox 3.6.xYes, browser specific CSS3 attributes
Chrome 8.0.561Yes, browser specific CSS3 attributes
SafariBrowser specific CSS3 attributes (according to online reports)
Internet Explorer 6Not supported (well duh!?)
Internet Explorer 8Not supported
Opera 11.10Yes

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