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Creating 32-bit Targa files

The basic idea is to get a Targa file that contains both color (in truecolor mode) and an alpha channel.

Adobe PhotoShop CS and 5.5

  1. Create an image which contains transparent areas (if needed).
  2. Choose Layer->Merge Visible (discard hidden stuff).
  3. Choose Select->Load Selection and press OK
  4. Choose Select->Save Selection and press OK
  5. Deselect (Ctrl-D)
  6. Choose Filter->Mask actions->no transparency (get this plugin here)
  7. Flatten image (layer menu)
  8. Save the image as Targa 32-bit (disable "RLE")

Adobe PhotoShop 7.0

Coming up...


For other graphics applications, this entire process is usually much simpler. E.g. in ImageFX you can directly work with the same alpha channel that is automatically exported, when saving files that support an alpha channel.

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