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Server Setup

These are the changes you have to do to your config files to be able to easily develop KML solutions.

httpd.conf (apache 1.3.x)

    Port 8888
    Listen 8888
    <VirtualHost *:8888>
          ServerName   put your domain name here
          DocumentRoot   server-side path to your KML stuff
          ErrorDocument 404   /404/your error document
Some people like to enable PHP parsing for .kml files, but the player will also recognize .php files or whatever you like. The player has no restrictions in terms of extensions on web pages.

ImageMagick.org under Microsoft Windows

The windows install of ImageMagick will potentially slow down your operating system and make the built-in system command "convert.exe" unavailable. This is due to an unfortunate clash in naming of executables. At KiSS we do not recommend tampering with your operating system, hence the following installation guide:
  • Go to ImageMagick.org under Binary Releases and get ImageMagick-6.2.3-3-Q8-windows-dll.exe or any newer version
  • Install the software
  • Go to My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
  • Move "C:\Program Files\imagemagick-6.2.3-q8" to the end of the Path string.
  • Rename "C:\Program Files\imagemagick-6.2.3-q8\convert.exe" into convert2.exe
  • Reboot Windows
After this you can simply call "convert2" instead of "convert" from php to reach the convert command.

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