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Enceladus EQ

screenshot An EQ that tries to simulate the rich phat sound of analog equalizers. So far it's a beta version, so the UI is a bit confusing and not very pretty. The plug-in has been tested at 44100 and 96000 Hz samplerate, but should work at other rates as well.

Windows VST 64-bitv50Download
Windows VST 32-bitv50Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv49Download
Apple VST 64-bitv49Download
Versions 49 and 50 are identical.

Tips & facts

  • The meters on the right side show how much you're effectively boosting.
  • The amount of dB boosted may be more than indicated when "Drive" is more than 0%
  • The amount of harmonic distortion / saturation is a product of both boost and drive.
  • It's easier to tell the difference betweewn the different modes and the "dark" mode if the meters reach about 20-30% or more.
  • If you have trouble making the meters reach levels as loud as this screenshot, try sending a louder signal into the plugin.

Version history

  • v50: Changed the way the version number is displayed.
  • v49: First beta that seems to work.

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